One Park Place Visual Arts Lab

One Park Place 9th & 10th Floor Renovation
One Park Place Ombudsperson Office

Science Annex Room 500
Backflow Preventer Retrofits Phase 1
Kell Hall Rm 615 Ventilation Improvements

Natural Science Center Generator Exhaust
Counseling Center HVAC Modifications
Urban Life Building Refrigerant Storage
Backflow Preventer Retrofits Phase 2
GCB Lighting Retrofit
Backflow Preventer Retrofits Phase 3
University Center Boiler Study
University Center Boiler Replacement
Kell Hall 5th Floor Revolving Lab
Kell Hall Rm 613 Ventilation Improvements
University Center Electric Heater Additions
Art & Humanities Bldg Lighting Replacement
Rialto Waterside Economizer Addition
Alumni Hall CW System Modifications
University Village Water Heater Study

34 Broad Roof Equipment Replacement
College of Business Computer Lab 821
Student Center Catering Kitchen
Kell Hall Domestic Water Pump Addition
GCB Multimedia Learning Center
Kell Hall Zygogen Lab HVAC
Kell Hall Refrigerant Storage
Kell Hall 1st Floor HVAC Study
Police Station Communications Room HVAC
Kell Hall Outside Air Study
Sparks Hall Room 369 Rooftop Unit
Kell Hall Outside Air Modifications
Kell Hall Animal Room HEPA Filter Addition

Animal Care Facilities Backup Systems Study
NSC Replace OA Unit for BL3 Lab
Science Annex 5th Fl Fan Coil Addition
Animal Care Facilities Humidity Control Study
Aderhold Bldg CW Filtration System
NSC Lab 433 Fume Hood Addition
Sports Arena Test & Balance
Kell Hall 1st Floor AHU Replacement
Haas Howell 3rd Floor ADA Renovation
Haas Howell 5th Floor ADA Renovation
Science Annex Chiller Replacements
Sports Arena Test & Balance
Child Development Center
Urban Life 10th Fl Psychology Computer Lab
Student Ctr Kitchen Exhaust Modifications
Bookstore Bldg Pete's Arena HVAC Study
Alpharetta Center HVAC Modifications
Kell Hall 2nd Floor Animal Care
Sports Arena Phase 2 and 3

GCB Lab 120
ULB 9th Floor Computer Lab Renovation
Landmark Diner
Counseling Center HVAC Study
Sparks Hall Refrigerant Storage
Library South Pump Study
Urban Life Building 10th Floor Renovation
Courtland Building HVAC Calculations
Study of RCB Chiller Replacement
Kell Hall AHU Replacements
Library South Chilled Water Pump Replacement
RCB Chiller Replacement
Animal Testing MAU Replacement
East Campus CHW Extension

University Center First Floor AHU Replacement
Bookstore Building HVAC Study
Backflow Preventer Installation
University Center, First Floor AHU Replacement
Rialto Theatre Duct Heater Replacement
Counseling Center HVAC Replacement
Rialto Theatre Sewage Ejector Investigation


Natural Science Center Humidifier Replacement for Animal Care Area
Office of Student Housing Student Center Suite 250
College of Education 3rd Floor Renovation
College of Education 5th Floor Renovation
Rialto Theatre Sewage Ejector Addition
Sparks Hall Suite 121 Renovation
Panthersville Transmitter Building HVAC
34 Broad Street Robinson College of Business Chiller Study
34 Broad Street Robinson College of Business AHU Study

2007 Projects
Kell Hall CHHS Lab Renovation
Kell Hall Fume Hood Exhaust Fan Replacements - Phase I
Classroom South Electrical Study
University Center Panther Dining  Renovation to Kitchen
Panthersville Transmitter Generator Relocation

2008 Projects
Kell Hall Fume Hood Exhaust Fan Replacements - Phase II
LRC Capuchin Generator
GSU LRC Capuchin Lift Station
Police Station HVAC Renovation
Urban Life/University Center - Kitchen Exhaust Modifications

2009 Projects
Natural Science Center Steam Generator Replacements
35 Broad Street - Robinson College of Business AHU Replacement