Baker Building Room 135
Howell Residence Hall Renovation
Baker Lab HVAC Modifications
Petit MiRC Research Support Facility
Campus Backflow Preventer Study

Carnegie Building HVAC Renovation
Campus Backflow Preventer Retrofit Phase 1
Campus Backflow Preventer Retrofit Phase 2
D.M. Smith Lecture Hall Renovation
Backflow Preventer Retrofit - Housing
College of Computing at CRB
Boggs Building 103 Lab Renovation
Centennial Research Building 2nd Floor Test and Balance
Athletic Association Backflow Preventer Retrofit
Campus Chilled Water Study
Campus Chilled Water Retrofit Phase 1
Hill Area Chilled Water Extension
Athletic Association Edge Building Mechanical Study
Savant Building Coop Offices
Carnegie Building Conference Room
GCATT Room 366 Telepresence Lab

Aware House Addition
Renovation of Folk Residence Hall
IPST Backflow Preventer Retrofits
Boggs 2nd Floor Server Room
Carnegie Building Cooling Tower Replacement

IPST Museum Expansion
ESM Building Undergraduate Biology Labs
Baker Building Environmental Resource Labs Relocation
Baker Building Dentech Lab
490 10th Street Elevator Addition
Campus Chilled Water Retrofit Phase 2
Bunger Henry Electrical Distribution Upgrade
Carnegie Building HVAC Renovation
Harrison Residence Hall Conversion to 4-Pipe Chilled Water System

Howell Residence Hall Conversion to 4-Pipe Chilled Water System
IPST Microscope Labs
Alumni House Boiler Replacement
Chilled Water Retrofits Phase 3
SREB HVAC Load Calculations Study
SREB HVAC Graphics
Lighting Automations DM Smith, Arch East ,Gilbert Crossland Library
GT Indoor Practice Facility

2011- 2015
TSRB Rm 553 RF Shielded Enclosures
Bunger Henry Lab 433 Furnace Installation
Athletic Association Energy Study
GLC Classroom Addition
SREB Server Room Electrical Room AC
Building 46 Beringause Police Station Renovation
Boggs Room 3-25 Renovation
MRDC Lab 4401 A Renovation
French Building Column Assessment
EDB ERV Addition
GLC ERV Addition
Love Building Rm 138 Fume Hood Addition
Love Building Room 220-221 Lab Renovations
Howey Physics Building Sponberg Renovation
Coliseum Annex Fire Alarms
Hopkins Field Hot Water Generators
College of Computing Room 103 Renovation
Love Building Labs 276 and 357 Renovations
Montgomery Knight 5th Floor Renovations
FAB Fire Alarm Design
Luck Building Fire Alarm Design
SREB Chiller Replacement
Coliseum Annex Egress Improvement
781 Marietta Fire Alarm Design
811 Marietta Fire Alarm Design
Moore Student Success Center Domestic Water
Daniel Lab Fire Alarm Replacement
Weber SSTC Fire Alarm Replacement
DM Smith Fire Alarm Replacements
430 10th Street Boiler Additions
CRB Room 642 Renovation
French Building First Floor Renovation

EDI Server Room 436 HVAC
Leisure Pool HVAC Study
MaRC Fire Alarm Design
Moore Student Success Center Fire Alarm Design
French Building 2nd Floor Renovation
Savant Building Fire Alarm Design
Leisure Pool AHU Replacements

2016- Present
O’Keefe Building & Gym Fire Alarm Reviews
College of Business RA Modifications
Carnegie Generator
Howey Physics Parker Lab Renovation
Architecture West LED Lighting
Lyman Hall Building HVAC Retrofits
MaRC Hot Water Piping Modifications
Building 145 SEB Conference Room Renovation
College of Computing Ground Fl, 1st Floor and 2nd Floor Renovations
Building 95 Petit Micro electronics Fire Alarm Design
Building 146 IBB MTB Switchgear Project
Alumni HVAC Systems Review
Lyman Hall Fire Alarm Design
Architecture west Fire Alarm Design
Mason Generator and Fume Hood Exhaust Fans
CRC Basketball & Fitness Center Lighting Design
TSRB Robotics Renovation
Centergy CHP Addition
Alumni Faculty House 3rd Floor AHU
Boggs Basement SMP
MRDC Level 2 Invention Studio Design
CRB Restroom 114 Renovation
GT Woodruff Create X Design
Bunger Henry Lab 341 Electrical Services
College of Computing 2nd Floor Server Room 247 Renovation
College of Design Accessible Restrooms Design
GLC Conference Room Renovations
SEB 2nd Floor Driving Simulator  Renovations


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