Value Engineering Studies

Fort Benning SOF Tactical Equipment Complex
Seymour Johnson AFB Operation, Maintenance and Storage Facilities , North Carolina
Fort Stewart Troop and Family Medical Clinic
Robins AFB Large Item Aircraft Support Equipment Paint Facility
Sunny Point Fire Station MOT
Fort Bragg 16th Military Police Brigade Barracks Complex
Fort Bragg Barracks Complex/Whole Barracks Renewal
Fort Gordon Installation Communications Facility
Fort Gordon Vehicle Maintenance Shop
Fort Bragg Vehicle Maintenance Shop
Robins AFB KC135 Squadron Operations Facility
Fort Bragg Parachute Team HQ Facility
Pope AFB Corrosion Control Facility

Fort Jackson BCT Complex
Fort Stewart Education Center
Fort Stewart Soldier Service Center
Fort Gillem EOD HQ & Company Operations
Fort Bragg SOF Weapons Storage and Maintenance Facility
Fort Bragg SOF Renovation of Bryant Hall
Fort Bragg POL Storage Complex
Fort Bragg Joint Operations Complex
Old Fort Jackson Mote Stability
Hunter AAF Saber Hall Upgrade
Fort Bragg D Area Barracks
Fort Gillem USAREC Headquarters Building

Robins AFB Flight Simulator
Fort Bragg Soldier Support Center
Fort Benning Chapel
Seymour Johnson AFB Dormitory
Hunter AAF Physical Fitness Building
Fort Benning Multipurpose Training Range
Pope AFB Maintenance Training Facility
Fort Benning Consolidate Health Clinic
Fort. Bragg SOF Training (ROWE) Complex
Pope AFB C-130J-30 2-Bay Hangar
Fort Bragg SOF 4th POG
Fort Bragg Kennedy Hall
Hunter AAF SOF Battalion
Fort Bragg SOF Information Operations Facility
Fort Bragg SOF 528th Co & HQ
Fort Bragg ROWE Phase 3

Seymour Johnson AFB Fire/Crash Rescue
Fort Bragg Shoot House
Fort Bragg Air Traffic Control Tower
Fort Stewart Command and Control Center
Fort Benning Barracks Replacement
Fort Stewart Barracks Complexes Phases 1 and 2
Fort Benning Hazardous Cargo Loading Apron
Fort Gordon Training Aids Support Center
Fort Stewart Tactical Equipment Complex
Fort Benning Infantry Squad
Fort Stewart Chapel Large Complex
Robins AFB Corrosion Control Paint Facility
Arnold AFB Upgrade Jet Engine Air Induction System
Fort McPherson Child Development Center
Fort Stewart Barracks LCC
Fort Bragg SOF Training Facility ROWE Phase 4
Fort Benning Physical Fitness Center
Fort Benning Fire Station
Hunter AAF SOF Aircraft Maintenance Hangar
Hunter AAF Vehicle Maintenance
Fort Benning Complete Landscape Design for Barracks Replacement
Fort Bragg SOF Facility Additions
Robins AFB Corrosion Control
Fort Bragg COSCOM Barracks
Anniston AD Powertrain Maintenance Facility
Robins AFB Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Facility
Fort Stewart Dining Facility
Fort Stewart Chapel Large Complex Cost Estimate Review
Hunter AAF Aircraft Maintenance Hangar Cost Estimate Review
Fort Stewart Command and Control Facility
Fort Jackson Cogeneration Plant Charrette
Fort Stewart Tactical Equipment Shop VE and Cost Estimate

Fort Bragg COSCOM Cost Estimate Review
Moody AFB Consolidated Base Support
Fort Bragg USASOC Physical Fitness Center
Fort Bragg Urban Assault Course
Fort Bragg Courthouse Conversion
Fort Bragg Company Operations
Fort Bragg DIVARTY Barracks Complex
Combined Arms Collective Training Facility
Fort Benning USAIS Shoothouse & USASOC Shoothouse
Fort Benning Infantry Platoon Battle Course
Fort Bragg Barracks 2nd BDE
Fort Bragg 2nd BDE Admin Facilities
Fort Benning Barracks Replacement Cost Estimate
MacDill AFB USCENTCOM Joint Intelligence Center
Fort Stewart UMCS in 45 Bldgs and UMCS in 35 Bldgs
Fort Stewart Combined Arms Collective Training Facility
Fort Bragg 2nd BDE Ph 3 4 Landscape
MacDill Medical Clinic Replacement

Charrette Guidance for HQUSACE, Huntsville, AL
Fort Gillem 2nd Addition USACIL
Fort Gordon Battle Lab Relocation
Fort Gordon Law Enforcement Complex
Fort Gordon NSA
Fort Bragg Barracks, Lane Street Phase 3 & 44th MEDCOM
Review and Finalize the RFP for Army Transformation
Fort Stewart & Hunter AAF Childcare Center
MOTSU Center Wharf Expansion
Fort Bragg Vehicle Maintenance Facility
Fort Benning Child Dev Center
Fort Benning Trainee Barracks
Robins AFB USMC Reserve Center

Eglin 7th Special Forces
Standard COS Designs for Savannah District
Fort Benning Training Support
Fort Benning 16th Calvary UM
Hunter AAF Barracks
Fort Benning Reception and Training
Fort Benning Trainee Barracks
Fort Bragg CAPOC 4th POG
Fort Benning SOF Regimental HQ Addition
Fort Bragg Expand Clinic
Fort Benning Modified Record Ranges
Fort Benning Clinics
Fort Bragg Baffle Range
SouthCOM HQ Facility
Fort Benning Maneuver Simulator Training
Fort Bragg 108 GTF Complex
Anniston Army Depot Waste Water Treatment Plant
Fort Bragg FORSCOM
Fort Benning Health Clinic
Fort Bragg SOF Expand Training

Eglin Indoor Baffle Range
Fort Bragg Chapel Complex 82nd Airborne
Fort Benning Armor Officer Basic Course HQ
Fort Benning TVD Course RMGZ Range
Fort Benning Ranges
Fort Benning Hospital Replacement
Fort Bragg Blood Donor and Operation Readiness
Fort Bragg Barracks
Fort Stewart 3rd Sustainment BDE and Soldier
Fort Bragg Community Emergency Services
Expansion Savannah Harbor
Fort Benning Vehicle Maintenance Instruction
Downtown Bay St Louis
Benning Barracks Dining Facility and Reception
Fort Bragg Warrior in Transition Barracks Complex
Fort Benning Warrior in Transition Barracks Complex
Fort Bragg NTA Schools