Renovation of Howell Residence Hall
Architect: GT Office of Facilities

This project was a complete interior renovation to the dormitory, originally constructed in 1938 on the Georgia Tech campus. The renovation included replacement and upgrade for the building's steam, hot water and chilled water systems for HVAC as well as complete replacement of the plumbing systems.

Backflow Preventer Retrofits
Georgia Tech and Georgia State University

Backflow Preventers are required to protect the city water supply and buildings drinking water from contamination by potential hazards. Concord Project Consulting has provided detailed construction documents for piping retrofits that will provide compliance to current codes for each of the campus buildings at Georgia Tech and Georgia State.

Georgia Tech Athletic Association, Backflow Preventer Retrofits

Boggs Chemistry Building
Lab Renovation
Architect: GT Office of Facilities

D.M. Smith Lecture Hall
Architect: Jova/Daniels/Busby

Broadband Institute Residential Laboratory
Georgia Tech Campus
Architect: Wright Architecture and Planning